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Illegal Contracts
Is your timeshare contract unlawful?

What qualifies a timeshare contract as illegal?

There are several instances that can qualify a timeshare contract purchased in Spain and after 1999 that can deem it illegal.


Some of the more common ones are:

Illegal Deposits

These include deposits taken on Timeshare products within 10 days of contract signature - most companies took deposits on the day of signing.

Floating Contracts

These include contracts that contain 'floating weeks' that do not specify a date range and/or unit number for use.

'Perpetuity' Clauses

These include contracts that contain a 'perpetuity' clause tying a customer in for more than 50 years maximum.


Probably the most common practice - these include contracts that were signed on the basis of verbal promises given by the salesman that never came to fruition.

Does any of the above apply to your contract?

If so, not only will you be able to relinquish your contract but you may also be eligible for compensation, including double the cost of purchase, maintenance fees paid over the years and further compensation for hardship caused.

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