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Spanish Litigation
Compensation Claims for mis-sold Timeshare.

Am I eligible for a claim?

If you bought your Timeshare in Spain, directly from the Developer (not a resale) and it was purchased after 1999 then you will almost certainly be eligible to claim.

For claims made before 1999 or in other European countries, including the UK, speak to us about enforcing a 'European Money Order' and how this can help you get your money back,

How much compensation can I expect back?

This will depend on your individual case but the amount of compensation awarded is usually double the amount spent for the timeshare plus the cost of your maintenance fees and any other susequent losses.

How long does a claim usually take?

Again this varies on a case by case basis and can range anywhere from several months to several years. Once we have reviewed your case our advisors will be able to provide you with an estimated duration.

What fees are involved?

Here at EUROCAN we offer a completely free and no-obligation assessment of your case.

After speaking with our advisors should you then wish to employ our services an initial fee will be calculated based on the volume of your claim.

This initial fee covers all of the legal costs involved in registering your claim and seeing it through to it's outcome.

Only upon a successful victory and award will we then invoice you for 10% - 15% of the compensation received, depending on the value of your claim.

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