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Successful Claims from Supreme Court Rulings - Time is Running Out!

In recent months, the wins for timeshare owners against their resorts in Spain are rising, thanks to the Spanish Supreme Court rulings. Cases have been won against companies such as; Anfi, Club La Costa, SilverpointWyndham and Diamond Resorts, just to name a few.

As we have previously reported, over 94,000,000€ has been set aside by the Spanish Government from the monies that have been confiscated from the companies involved to cover the cost of any future claims brought against them.

Unfortunately it would seem that the majority of effected consumers are completely unaware as the latest figures show that a mere 8% of effected consumers have actually submitted a compensation claim.

This is good news for the claimants that have successfully lodged their claims, many receiving inflated compensation amounts far above what they originally paid. CCA alone has managed to recover awards exceeding 40,000€ in cases where clients only spent 20% of that amount.

Unfortunately the time in which consumers have to lodge their claims is running out. Due to numerous complications such as Brexit and the current COVID-19 lock down, the Spanish Government has issued a cut off date of January 1st 2021.

After the cutoff date, consumers will no longer be able to register a compensation claim and any remaining funds will be deemed forfeited and property of the state. One can only imagine that this will be a marginal boost to the already struggling economy, perhaps a small silver lining to an unfortunate situation.

We at CCA are actively trying to identify consumers who may be entitled to receive their compensation, so we may advise them on how best to go about obtaining it. However given the sheer number of cases this has proven to be a Goliath task.

Should you or somebody you know believe that you are entitled to compensation, feel free to contact us using the contact page of this website.

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